Primary sacred times for world religions

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Religion  News 
Items listed are usually reliable sources for news about and 
 involving world religions. 

Interfaith Online
          The latest in Interfaith news.

The Jerusalem Post
           A widely accepted news source in Israel. Includes religious news.

Religious News Service
        A secular news and photo service devoted to unbiased coverage of religion & ethics.
        Headlines and summaries are available. Full stories are available for subscribers.

World Faith News  
       Full text official news releases, policy statements and other information  from national 
       and world faith groups.

BBC Religion & Ethics
        The news of religion as seen from a United Kingdom perspective. 

Religion and Ethics Newsweekly
         The television version of in-depth reporting on selected aspects of the world of religion.

Islamic Voice  Wide variety of information links to the
         Islamic community and world 

Catholic World News  International Catholic perspective.

Christianity Today  Magazine web site. Broad coverage.

Christian Century  News and commentary magazine web site. 

Pluralism Project News

The Christian Post   Covers some Christian news.  


Note: We take no responsibility for the accuracy or fairness of any of the services listed.  

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